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About Us

Anderdon Bee Co. is a two generation family of beekeepers. What started as a husband's hobby grew into a business which initially served our local market by selling honey. We soon expanded to selling nucleus hives and queen bees reared from our own winter hardy stock. We realized the difficulty in finding a reliable, cost-competitive, local source of beekeeping supplies and were travelling four or five hours to purchase supplies. This spear-headed the next addition to our business which included the sourcing and selling beekeeping supplies out of our workshop. 

Thanks to our loyal customer base we have experienced unimaginable growth in our business which prompted the development of our online sales and retail sales outlet. We pride ourselves on selling quality products that we use in our own apiaries as well as providing educating, assistance and advice to beekeepers of all experience levels. We are committed to sharing with others what we have learned and will try to answer your questions regarding our products or beekeeping.

Finally, we are dedicated to ensuring we are impacting the environment in a positive way, a philosophy driven by our youngest beekeeper.